Mike grew up admiring the classical physiques of bodybuilding’s Golden Era: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Frank Zane all heavily influenced him in his quest to build muscle.

Tired of being very thin, Mike started lifting weights and never looked back. Along the way, he learned to appreciate others’ fitness goals, whether they were to prepare for a triathlon, gain muscle mass for football, or simply shed adipose tissue after  abandoning a sedentary lifestyle.

Nurturing this connection with others gave way to offering assistance to trainees who had a powerful desire to improve their physical fitness but required extra guidance and motivation. Now Mike is pleased to be able to compassionately impart his knowledge to people from all walks of life so they can better their health, reach new summits in their workout goals, and bolster their own self confidence.

Personal Stats

Years Training: 24
Competing Since: 1999
Height: 6’2”
Contest Weight: 215 lbs
Off-season Weight: 240 lbs


  • 1999 NPC Western Regional:
    5th Place, Super Heavyweight
  • 2006 NPC Natural Western USA:
    2nd Place, Novice Heavy
    2nd place, Heavyweight
  • 2007 NPC Arizona:
    3rd Place, Heavyweight
  • 2008 NPC Western Regional:
    3rd Place, Heavyweight